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The Think Bottle Blog was created to gather great art, ideas, and inspiration into one place. I hope you get inspired to take a chance and dive into something of your own. Plus it’s a great place to interact with me on a daily basis. Cheers!

Wonder of the World


Patty Lovell’s Molly Lou Melon is back and I’m so happy to see her. She’s not any taller and is still in the first grade but she shows us again that she’s the wisest girl on the planet. What makes her so, is simple: she stands tall, tells it like it is, and she listens to her grandma.



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Bats & Witches


Hey it’s fall and I’m in my groove. But don’t get me wrong; I am a summer person through and through. I absolutely live for running with my dogs, biking and enduring that occasional mystery skin rash following a traipse through the exotic woods and fields near our house; it doesn’t get any better! I am also not forgetting the medicinal benefits a daily dose of vitamin D from our nearest star has in stopping me from a S.A.D. induced leap off the planet into the cold nothingness of space.


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That Leggy Beast

Hi, it’s me the picture guy about to get all wordy on you again.

In case you’ve wondered, I’ve been out. My mind, along with all of my other earthly parts have been away, out of the office, out of order, out to lunch, out of the country peddling furiously. No, that isn’t a metaphor for the creative process; I mean I’ve been literally peddling on my bike, really fast and for great amounts of time over vast and strange landscapes looking for an adequate way to start this blog.


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Mastodon Draws Elephant

One of the most frustrating things about illustrating books is that I never get to spend as much time with my creations as I’d like because my books are more or less limited to 32 pages; which seems like the blink of the eye. 

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Hello, It’s Me

Hello it’s me- I know it’s been ages since we last spoke and I wish I had a good excuse to offer up other than I’ve been hard at work painting and drawing my pictures.

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1,000 Fan Rally! (Win This Original)

One Facebook fan will win this signed original and five runners-up will receive a signed print. Here's how to enter!

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Tip Of The Hat To You

I draw what I know best. How many people talk to the things around them? Okay, at the risk of sounding like I'm off my rocker, I admit that I do. And that literally includes the rocker, and the lamp and the guinea pig and, of course the dogs.

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Never Tell ‘Em You’re Sorry

A beloved editor once told me, “Never, EVER, tell ‘em you’re sorry”. It was on a morning when a particularly mean (but I thought well-drawn) cartoon ran skewering one of our local human elected officials. I remember depicting him in my style of that period; one of a variety of blood sucking parasites I enjoyed drawing.

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Back Home

I’m back home now, finally, from a two-week whirlwind tour of Chicagoland. Of course, it’s always good to be back home to my pups and my pictures, but I have to admit I miss all my new friends as well.


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Fishing in the Stream of Consciousness

I’m overwhelmed, I really am. You’ve all endured my blogging and have remained my fans anyway. So as promised, this creature (a self-portrait maybe?) that I’ve  conjured will soon be sprung from it’s cage and land softly in the hands of one of you wonderful fans; with nary another peep from me.

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