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My Representation

I am proud to be represented by the wonderful people at Illustration Ltd! You can view my profile HERE and for any commissions or information, please contact them at: 

US publishing and US Film/TV: Keliher Literary Management Brian Keliher: 
Information on school visits in the US contact: pjcrowley16@yahoo.com 

Thank You! 


Wonder of the World

Patty Lovell’s Molly Lou Melon is back and I’m so happy to see her. Check out my latest blog about my friend Molly Lou Melon

New Book - Monster Mash

If your skin is all creepy crawly and you don't want to sleep tonight, check out my new book MONSTER MASH; it's a grave yard smash!

Have Fun Molly Lou Melon

I give a inside look into illustrating Molly's latest adventures in Have Fun Molly Lou Melon.

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Ohio Channel Interview

I spent some time with the great people at the Ohio Channel and they asked ALL the good questions.

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2011 Sneak Peek

I just wanted to share some of the most recent images from my new titles coming in 2011. Enjoy!

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Wonder of the World


Patty Lovell’s Molly Lou Melon is back and I’m so happy to see her. She’s not any taller and is still in the first grade but she shows us again that she’s the wisest girl on the planet. What makes her so, is simple: she stands tall, tells it like it is, and she listens to her grandma.



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Bats & Witches


Hey it’s fall and I’m in my groove. But don’t get me wrong; I am a summer person through and through. I absolutely live for running with my dogs, biking and enduring that occasional mystery skin rash following a traipse through the exotic woods and fields near our house; it doesn’t get any better! I am also not forgetting the medicinal benefits a daily dose of vitamin D from our nearest star has in stopping me from a S.A.D. induced leap off the planet into the cold nothingness of space.


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